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  • Legacy 2D Data to 3D Models

    • Many companies need to maintain or reuse 3D data from other CAD systems. These 3D models typically have associated 2D drawings. How do you preserve the relationship between the original 3D model and the drawings that are related to it?

    • The PTC Creo Legacy Migration Extension (LMX) enables PTC Creo Parametric users to associate 2D drawings to 3D models imported from a 3rd party CAD system. This extension helps automate the process of mapping and linking the 2D drawings to the 3D model. PTC Creo LMX can improve your detailed design process productivity by saving time and reducing errors.

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  • Features and Benefits

    • Improves detailed design productivity by enabling users to fully leverage legacy data
    • Saves time and increases quality by reducing errors from manual translations
    • Future model changes are immediately reflected in the drawing
    • Automatically recreates and places views
    • Automated updating of drawing dimensions when the model changes
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- Creo Legacy Migration Extension -
Legacy 2D Data to 3D Models

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See how Creo Legacy Migration Extension can automate the process of mapping and linking the 2D drawings to the 3D model.

The world wants solutions that are fundamentally easier to use. PTC has the technology assets and the intellectual property to Creo, which solves many of these problems.
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